Craig Cammann

MSAc – license number:           006482
LMT – license number:           029697


All Points Wellness (APW) is a Cooperative Holistic healthcare facility that offers their patients a personalized healthcare solution that synthesizes scientific knowledge and ancient traditional wisdom.

Here at All Points Wellness, we treat people, not diseases.

The manifest dream of, Craig Cammann All Points Wellness is the Healthcare solution that people want, but didn’t know about.

Craig Cammann was raised in a household that appreciated alternatives to western medicine. He went to an MD for most of his standard medical care, his mother was (and still is) a cranial-sacral therapist & polarity therapist who was very interested in homeopathics and anthroposophical medical theories. His father worked as an organizational psychologist for work and a crystal therapist as a hobby when his schedule allowed.

Craig started his own career in health care at Colorado College in 1997 when he became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a certified Reiki practitioner. He gained pocket money in college by offering Reiki and massage to fellow students around campus and worked as an EMT for various ambulance services. He continued to work as an EMT in Colorado, California, Connecticut and eventually Michigan. He also used his EMT certification to work as a horse-packing tour guide in the Canadian Rockies, and as a medical-officer/cook on a cruise ship in Alaska.

In December of 2001 Craig’s paternal grandfather died and was survived by his wife (Craig’s paternal grandmother) who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Craig moved to Connecticut to help care for his grandmother. He stayed until 2004 (the year that she passed away).

As fortune would have it, one of Craig’s college roommates was just beginning a grand adventure. He was going to ride a motorcycle from Argentina back to the United States. It was just the sort of transition that Craig needed. He left Connecticut to travel Latin America on a motorcycle.

This adventure turned into a professional foray into the world of open-source computer systems migrations company in Caracas Venezuela when Craig and four partners started a computer system migrations & training company in 2005. After a whirlwind of ups and downs, in 2011 Craig’s life came to another cross-road with the death of his father followed shortly by the end of Craig’s engagement to a woman he had been with for nearly 6 years. Emotionally adrift, Craig decided to change careers, in order to follow his heart. He weighed his options and enrolled in Chinese Medical School to become an Acupuncturist, and he hasn’t looked back since.

He received his massage license in the fall of 2016 and has been working as a massage therapist in NY ever since.

Craig Celebrated his marriage to Isabelle Tibi in September of 2018. And graduated from Pacific College of Oriental medicine that December.

After graduating and passing his Board Exams, Craig Cammann decided to follow his heart and opened All Points Wellness to the public.

Craig and Isabelle recently celebrated the birth of their first and only daughter, Celia Audrey Cammann and are happily living in Brooklyn.