David Twomey

“I’m very thankful to know firsthand that Craig Cammann is a highly effective acupuncturist. And along with the depth of his acupuncture knowledge, skill, and prior medical education, he’s a really remarkable person. With every acupuncture session, I’ve felt he’s dedicated to my well being. In my book, he’s a healer, the real deal!

Craig listens so completely you know he’s wholly present and focused on removing the pain you may have (in my case, for instance, an increasingly debilitating pain in my left knee and leg). From my first session, I felt deeply respected and soon relaxed knowing I could trust him. Once while waiting for my appointment, I watched him slowly accompany an older patient with a physical disability out of the office. I could see Craig’s care and respect that man’s well being. 

Craig is easy to talk to, doesn’t rush you, and readily discusses any question I may have about his treatment plan for my sessions. His application of acupuncture needles is painless and effective. His treatments have brought relief to my knee and leg beyond anything I expected. An orthopedist I consulted suggested some physical therapy and strongly recommended I continue the acupuncture.

And I’ve got to add...aside from all the physical benefit I get, Craig’s treatments are calming, de-stressing, and deeply relaxing. I’ll often doze during part of the sessions!”

- David Twomey